Our Mission:

• Provide service to Equine animals who have been neglected or abused. Service shall include food, shelter, medical treatment, rehabilitation, training and successful adoption of the animal.

• Find permanent, loving homes for equestrian and any other rescue animals in our care, once they have been rehabilitated in good health and sound body.

• Educate the public to promote humane care of horses and respect for all living creatures.

The SummerWinds Stable does not profit through the adoption of any horses - we are completely supported through your generous donations. 

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About Us

The SummerWinds Stables horse rescue is co-located in Hartly, Delaware and Warwick, Maryland.

Our Delaware facility is housed on 10 beautiful acres.  This farm houses our “critical care” horses.  It also has a breezy stable for our horses to receive top of the line care.  This facility holds volunteer hours, outreach programs and educational outreach programs.

Our location in Maryland (very close to Middletown, Delaware) is situated on 160 waterfront acres.  This facility is home to horses that are healthy and ready to be adopted.  We have a few sanctuary horses as well!  

The SummerWinds Stables maintains an equine sanctuary and refuge for abused, neglected, and elderly, retired race horses in need of a permanent home.  At present, there are 35 horses in the equine sanctuary, which is the heart of the total SWS program.

85% of our horses are thoroughbred race horses who were extraordinary athletes, injured at the race track and are now too old to participate in the world of racing.  They performed at the highest level in the competitive equestrian world and in the process of giving their all were injured physically or psychologically.  These top athletes in one defining moment went from being a champion to an unwanted horse headed for the slaughterhouse.  SWS believes they deserve better.  Hence we provide these horses with a safe home or find a foster home for them.  The horses receive expert vet care and loving attention from 30 SWS’s volunteers.

Not all horses in the Equine Sanctuary were top athletes in the racing or show worlds.  One was so badly abused his head was beaten in, but his sight barely survived in one eye.   Another is a registered quarter horse who suddenly lost sight in both eyes four years ago.  “Pops” is so gentle that he can be ridden by children.  He came from a top racing stable where he had enough to eat but no one to care for him.  Consequently, before coming to SWS, “Pops” was confined to a world of darkness, alone and with only limited contact with human or equine friends.   

Through its humanitarian rescue of horses and the retraining of these horses to work with at-risk children, the SWS keeps the spirit of the horse alive each day.  Through its compassionate philosophy of care and training for the horse, the SWS is forging a new destiny and future for horses, many of which would end up in the slaughterhouse, in spite of their extraordinary past record of successes.  We need your help to make the world a better place for horses and those that love them.

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A Full Service Rescue and Adoption Agency

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